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Den Glade Gris tar en velfortjent (synes vi) juleferie fra lørdag 22. desember og åpner dørene igjen fredag den 11. januar 2019

Gleder oss til å treffe dere igjen på nyåret og ønsker samtidig alle en riktig God Jul og et Godt Nytt år!!

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We are very proud to be serving our guests a wide variety of quality beers from all over our country. We have recommended beers to all our meals.

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Den Glade Gris

Welcome to an extraordinary dining experience in the middle of Oslo! Den Glade Gris specializes in pork based dishes, with the house specialty being slow grilled pork knuckle! Our dishes are prepared using the slow cooking method. We spend several days marinating and slow cooking the food which in turn means more taste, and incredibly tender meat.

We offer great Norwegian food presented in an honest and rustic way. We’re also cooperating with several breweries across the country, so our selection of beer is quite large. The service is supposed to be good, but not lavish, and presented with a smile from our server, and a twinkle in their eye. Each day brings two lunch soups made from the surplus commodities from the day before.


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